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We believe in creating in a world you'll be excited to visit...

Have you ever felt like things in your favorite place weren't quite what they seemed...


For us, it started with this cool, dark picture of a future New York. Noir-like shading and light streams from cars driving along the top of a high wall. On the left, lit skyscrapers and street lamps sparkle in the gloom, full of life and energy. On the right, a plateau of seawater buries everything except the tallest building tops, dark and abandoned, that still reach above the surface.

Graffiti Tunnel

For those who’ve experienced the magic personally or have only dreamed of it, like 16-year old Steve had -- tired of his quotidian, dull-as-shit suburban California life -- New York is always your mind. The promise “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere” has always called to us.


“Sayonaraville” is about what it takes to make it in the new, magical world…

It's one interpretation of the future that, while maybe exaggerated, struck us as more than likely. We can pretend all we want and distract ourselves as hard as we can, but it is indisputable that the icecaps are melting. That the seas are rising. That the air temperatures and web-bulb temperatures are going inexorably up. Storms are becoming fiercer. Droughts are longer and crueler.


The world doesn’t seem to like us very much at the moment. So, in this space within Sayonaraville, magic is introduced to give people a fighting chance. This is our New York in a nutshell.

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