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We believe that just because you're magical
doesn't mean your life is perfect...

Have you ever listened to a story about characters who seemed to have it all...


We didn’t want to write a story about people who had their shit together. Prototypical images of people in power do a great job of implying that everyone else isn’t important. Not women. Not people of color. Not immigrants. Not those who don’t or can’t conform standard identity roles. People with disabilities. People with mental and emotional challenges. Well, we say, "The hell with that!"


We want this story to be for all of us who don’t pretend to be some dishonest, insincere, chimerically-acceptable versions of ourselves, or at least don’t want to pretend. Our characters don’t always fit in, even if they want to. We like them just as they are. And for our listeners, we want to give a voice to everyone who doubts they'll ever have one. In "Sayonaraville," our hope is you will find someone who looks and sounds like you and maybe feels as you do. Give the megaphone to everyone.

As creators, we want to write about characters of diverse races, genders, sexualities, and ethnicities.  However, we recognize we are limited by our own cultural, racial, and ethnic perspectives. Mythologically, we've stuck mostly to our own Celtic, Western roots, and we've worked with sensitivity readers of various genders, races, and sexualities to help make our presentation as inclusive as possible. For future seasons, we hope to be able to hire a wider cast of voice actors to fully represent all our characters' backgrounds.

We'd like to feature a greater diversity of characters, so if would like to help us produce sensitive portrayals of your unique group, please contact us!

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Steve Pool
Creator/The Guy To
Blame For All of This

Steve Pool is the creator/producer of the paranormal urban fiction podcast series “Sayonaraville.” The storytelling and world building used in this series are strongly influenced by his love of European history and mythology and 40 years of experience as an RPG player, game master, and game designer.

An award-winning author and columnist, Steve has been published in literary magazines, tech journals, and both horror and sci-fi anthologies. Additionally, he has a background in business and technology, having studied accounting and computer science at the University of Oregon. Prior to writing and producing “Sayonaraville” Steve tutored English and grammar for his own college test prep company, which he ran with his wife, Robin Pool, for 15 years.

Robin Pool

Robin Pool is a professional web designer, writing teacher, editor, and self-professed “grammar nut” who serves as Steve’s muse and professor of "keeping it real." Having nearly perfected the husband-and-wife writing dynamic over the last 20 years, Robin is also the project’s astrology and divination consultant, making sure scenes like the ramen bowl divination are on point.

In addition to listening to Steve's 2:oo am ideas ("Guess what the story told me...!?") Robin teaches astrology and divination at and runs the Spiritsaid Style Astrology and Divination Meetup group. She loves connecting with the spirituality of her ancestors and is excited to present Sayonaraville's modern twist on Celtic mythology and magic.

In her spare time, she is a vintage thrift store fashionista and a zealous cook of non-spicy Indian food in her Instant Pot!  

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Emily Woo Zeller

Emily Woo Zeller has worked for over three decades as a voiceover artist, dancer, singer, and actor. Named a Golden Voice by Audiofile Magazine, Emily Woo Zeller has garnered many awards in her voiceover career, including being named “Best Voice” of the year numerous times by Audiofile Magazine; an Audie Award; Best Female Narrator from the Independent Audiobook Awards; several SOVAS awards; and over two dozen Earphones Awards. In addition to a wide range of narration and over 500 audiobook titles, Ms. Woo Zeller works in video games, most recent notable games including Cyberpunk 2077 as Panam and The Last of Us Part 2. She has also dubbed for dozens of anime series. In audio drama, Emily recently performed as Doctor Aphra in Star Wars, and the narrator in PASSABLE IN PINK.

Freya Kingsley
Celtic Vocal Specialist

Known for her work on feature and short films (Victoria in Running Memory and Emily in An Endless Summer) as well as on the BBC drama Baptiste, Freya had the following to say about her work for Sayonaraville:


“When Steve approached me with the role of Rigan, I jumped at the opportunity. Who would say ‘no’ to playing a warrior goddess?!? As I read the manuscript and learnt about Rigan’s background, I fell more in love with her and the story as a whole. I canNOT wait to find out what happens to Rigan and all of the other exciting, rich characters in the future seasons!”

Check out Freya on Instagram at @freyakingsley

Merrique Marie-Sainte
Sound Necromancer

[she brings the story to life]

At her label DSS (Dissecting Sound & Soul), Merrique combines her passions for music, sound engineering, set design,  and photography by creating art house films, fine art photography, and original scores. She completed the SEAF & Pan Eros Film Festival project "Body Positive" and served as sound editor for "The Real Short Box" podcast.


In addition to her background in industrial music and Bachelor’s in Music Production from Full Sail University, she is also certified in Wine Connoisseurship and Interior Decorating.  Under the moniker St. Merrique, she has been represented by artists and galleries for the past fifteen years as an internationally known fine art model. She’s the host of “Fluid & Flow: A Body Positive Workshop” scheduled for July 10th, 2022. 

You can find her on

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